Anthrax Term Paper

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This article that I read is about how the E. Coli level in ground beef could be higher in the
warm months. There are alot of statistics in it about how much E. Coli is in a certain
number of samples of meat and what we can do to kill the virus. It doesn't really talk
about the rise of E. Coli in the warmer months as much as it talks about how the percent
has increased since 1995.
The government test of raw ground beef suggests that levels of E. Coli 0157:H7,
which is a potentially dangerous type of bacteria, have been rising over the past 5 years.
But, less than one percent of the samples that are tested, test positive for the bacteria.
This may get higher due to better surveillance for the bacteria. Researchers found that
there might be some variation in the levels of E. Coli depending on the seasons. There
are higher levels of E. Coli detected in the raw meat during June through September and
lower ones in the cooler months.
The seasonal variation went well with patterns of documented human E. Coli
infection diseases. But this doesn't mean these people got it from eating meat during
warm months, these people might have had it because of increased fruit and vegetable
E. Coli is a potentially deadly bacterium. It causes bloody diarrhea and
dehydration. The people with weak ammune systems like old people and very young
people are the most susceptible to foodborne illnesses cause by the pathogen. The
bacterium infects about 73,000 Americans each year and that is usually through
undercooked or contaminated ground beef. Meat is not the only place it is though. You
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