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Anthropologists trace the origin and evolutionary development of the human race
through the study of changing physical characteristics and cultural and social institutions.
Anthropological data, including that acquired by archeological techniques, may be
applied to solving problems in human relations such as race and ethnic relations and
People have always been interested in their past history. Although anthropology
dates back to Aristotle, it is a commonly accepted fact that it became an established
science during the Victorian era or the era of exploration. Anthropology has developed
slowly since then with little real development until the 1930's when the use of applied
anthropological research began to be stresssed by a number of various governments.
Prior to the 19th century, anthropologists relied primarily on facts gathered from
travelers' reports and documents received from other nonprofessional observers. During
the early years of this century Scandinavian archaeologists developed a new approach to
artifacts. C.J. Thomsen classified the material on the basis of three successive
technological ages of stone, bronze, and iron. Then by the 20th century, muc

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