Apacolypse Now Essay

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Apacolypse Now

The movie "Apocalypse Now", directed by Francis Coppola, is based on Conrad's novel The
Heart of Darkness. The movie has to do with survival, obsession, and finding ones self.
The inclination of this paper is to let the reader get a better understanding of how
Captain Willard (the main character) goes through survival, obsession, and courage while
trying to hunt down Kurtz.

Captain Willard is on a mission into Cambodia during the Vietnam War to find and kill an
insane Colonel Kurtz, as he experiences his journey of horror. In the past, Kurtz was an
officer and a sane, successful, brilliant leader. Now he is insane after being corrupted
by the horror of war and the cultures he met. People used to look up to him and speak
highly of him. Now everyone knows he is just a man who after fighting for his country
became a crazed lunatic.

Captain Willard is constantly trying to survive throughout this mission. He has to float
in a boat through Cambodia during the Vietnam War. He runs into some natives along the way
and has some encounters with them. For example, the captain of the boat is killed by a
spear, which is thrown, by a native. When he reaches the land that Kurtz has taken over,
he strives very hard to survive. The fist images that you see are hanging dead bodies over
the water, dead bodies along the shoreline. It is an island filled with mass murderers and
cold-blooded natives. The natives there are so very much under Kurtz's power that they are
willing to kill Willard in a heartbeat.
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