Apartheid Book Report

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Eurena Belcher

Ust 302



The word apartheid means "separateness", which was the policy of legal

separation followed in South Africa. The apartheid laws classified people

according to three major racial groups—white; Bantu, or black Africans; and

Colored, or people of mixed descent. The laws determined where members of each

group could live, what jobs they could hold, and what type of education they

could receive. Laws prohibited most social contact between races, authorized

segregated public facilities, and denied any representation of nonwhites in the

national government. People who didn't agree with apartheid were considered as


Before apartheid became the official policy, South Africa had a long history of

racial segregation and white supremacy. In 1912, the African National Congress

(ANC) was founded to fight these unfair government policies. In the 1950s, after

apartheid became the official policy, the ANC declared "South Africa belongs to

all who live in it, black and white," and worked to abolish apartheid. After

antiapartheid riots in Sharpeville in March 1960, the government banned all

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