Apologetics Essay

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A couple of months ago, being pretty ignorant, I had to ask myself, “what exactly is
Apologetics.” After a little research and a few lectures from my Professors, I learned
that “it is the defense of Christian faith, usually on intellectual issues.” (Horton 640).
There are many arguments that can be used in order to defend the faith, however, I will
focus on four arguments, ontological, Natural Theology, accuracy of scriptures, and
personal miracles.

First is the ontological argument. “Human beings almost universally acknowledge that
there is something, or someone, beyond themselves and that in some way, or ways, they are
responsible to that something or someone (Railey/Aker 40).” This shows that the human
race recognizes the fact that we are not alone in the universe and we are to some extent
dependent on something supernatural.

Secondly is the appeal of Natural Theology. We can look all around at the beautiful things
on this earth and we can see that it must have had divine intervention from some one or
thing. “Creation, with its infinite variety, beauty, and order, reflects a God who is
infinitely wise and powerful.” (Higgins 69).
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