Argumetative Single Gender Schooling

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Argumetative Single gender schooling

Single Gender Schooling: A better learning environment

For years, educators have searched for better and more effective ways of teaching. Their efforts have resulted in the specialization of instruction according to the specific needs of different students. We have seen therefore, specific classes for dyslexic children, special instruction for visual learners, teaching methods, which target non-native English speaker’s etc. At a more basic level however, the separation of our educational efforts by gender, has proven to be controversial at best. I believe that grouping young students according to sex, provides a better learning environment and is more conducive to group cohesiveness. In fact, every student ought to have the opportunity to enroll in a single gender school.
First and foremost, there seems to be less distraction while learning in a single gender environment. We presently notice that many junior high school and mostly high school adolescents choose to wear what they wear because they want the opposite sex to notice them. We see talk shows everyday where a teenager explains that he/she dresses the way they do so they can be noticed and admired. He/she worries on aspects that have nothing to do with school, while at school. A majority of students “dress to impress.” He/she does this in order to be popular, yet another aspect useless in a learning environment. Students seem to be at school to socialize with the opposite gender. While in a single gender school, dress attire seems to be unimportant because there is no one to impress. He/she thinks that since the opposite sex is there, it is the perfect time to have girlfriends or boyfriends and ask or be asked out on dates. This would be impossible at single gender schooling. Single sex schools allows a student to focus more at the task at hand, which is learning.
When playing on any sort of sports team, the team must form cohesiveness in order to function as a whole. Attending a single gender school promotes cohesiveness. They all work together to form sort of a brotherhood/sister hood feeling. Students in a single sex school during young adulthood learn to trust each other and cooperate with each other instead of compete. They want to help each other out in any way that they can. There is no competitiveness in order to show the opposite sex that one is better than the other is. Being at a single gender school doesn’t single out socialization, but it becomes less common, thus

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