Aristotle Except

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Women in philosophy have always been seen as inferior to men. People had constructed this
image of women as being less perfect and through this image, many philosophy were
developed. Aristotle provided the first scientific explanation of women's imperfection. He
claimed that women were biologically inferior to men. Aristotle claimed that this was a
factual statement, but he though it deserved "a rational scientific justification for this

Aristotle believed that heat was the fundamental issue in the perfection of animals and
therefore humans. The more heat a creature produced the more perfect of a being it was. He
believed that women were "colder than man,"(p.18) so obviously they were less perfect than
him as well. This heat difference is what gave women all of her problems. The less heat of
women, therefore lead Aristotle to believe that she had a smaller brain. This lead to her
many problems dealing with inferiority.

Aristotle came up with proof for this theory based on his studies of semen and menstrual
fluid. Aristotle believed that semen was conceived through blood but because of the heat
of man, the semen turned white while being ejaculated. Using this as a basis, he tried to
compare semen to menstrual flows, claiming they were the same because the onset of both
occurred around the same time in males and females. Aristotle believed that women were
colder because she was "unable to ‘cook' her semen to the point of purity - ‘proof' of
her relative coldness,(p.19).
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