Armenians Essay

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Through my research, of the websites and book listed in the works cited section of my
paper, I have found that the Young Turks have been an important part of Turkish and
Armenian history. The young Turks were a coalition of reform groups that led a
revolutionary movement against the Ottoman Empires Sultan Abdulhamid the Second. They
opposed him because of the absolute power he had, and because they wanted to eliminate
foreign influence, and to restore Turkish pride.

The Young Turks movement was started in the Imperial Medical college of Istanbul. In
Istanbul it spread to other colleges including the military institutes. When Abdulhamid
the Second, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, learned of their plot against him he exiled
the students. The Young Turks fled to various cities in Europe. It was here that the
preparations for their revolution took place.

An important Young Turk was Ahmed Riza, who was part of the Committee of Union and
Progress, which was an influential Young Turk organization. He pushed for a strong central
government and he was against all foreign influence. When the Young Turks came to power
these ideas were important in their policies.
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