Army Girl Essay

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Army Girl

Army girl
"I can so do it!" yelled Katie. "You're only a girl," replied Ben in an aggressive tone of
voice. Following Ben's sarcasm, Katie screamed louder.

Katie is a typical girl who surfs every chance she gets; she also loves playing sport & in
general loves life. Ben on the other hand has nothing in common with Katie but just likes
hanging out with her.

Katie wants to join the army but everyone thinks it is some joke or dare so no one really
takes her seriously however Katie gets more determined to join every time her friends
ridicule her when the subject comes up.

"You're just a girl, I hope we don't have to depend on you to defend our country!" Katie's
friend Morgan says. The next day she set off to go to the enlistment centre. Ben, like all
her friends didn't think that she would even walk into the enlistment office, so half
heartedly they tried once more to persuade her not to join the army. "The army frowns on
people who go surfing on weekdays." they laughed.

"This is something I want to do, I'm sick of working as a check out chick, I need to do
something with my life." she desperately screams, sounding more like she wanted to
convince herself rather than her friends.

"Ok, Ok but we warned you." they laughingly said together.

Katie was scheduled to leave to Kapooka the following week; however she made the best of
her free time by partying as hard as she could leading up to her final time of commitment,
and all the time her friends firmly believed she was never really going through with it.
The talk was they all thought she was really only going on a road trip around Australia
with Ben or something outrageous like that. The day finally arrived to leave the Gold
Coast she called home for the past 18 years, she tentatively climbed on the bus with 20 or
30 other guys and automatically observed that no other girls were on board as she finally
said to herself, "well Katie, you've really done it this time," as the bus set off for
Kapooka Recruitment Centre. Katie had many frightening, anxious, terrifying, and unhappy
thoughts spinning around her head but also excitement because she was becoming an
independent girl.

The long bus trip tired Katie as it was more than a day's driving; she was exhausted
before the training had even started. They arrived at Kapooka Recruitment Centre and the
bus driver yelled out "We are finally here princess," with a little smile and bewilderment
on his face. Being the only girl on the bus Katie knew instinctively that the bus driver
was talking to her. Katie glanced around when she heard the roar and screams of men
dressed in khaki yelling at each other angrily. she couldn't get it out of her mind what
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