Around The World In Eighty Day Paper

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Around The World In Eighty Day

Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne is a novel that takes place in the late
nineteenth century. The title summarizes the plot because one day Phileas Fogg is with
some friends and he reads in a newspaper that it is possible to travel around the world in
eighty days. But no one believes this to be true except Phileas. Then Phileas bets them
that he could make the journey in eighty or under days, and then leaves along with his
servant immediately. Throughout the journey Phileas and his servant Passepartout use every
means of transportation possible such as steamers, railways, carriages, yachts,
trading-vessels, sledges, and even an elephant.

The protagonist in Around the World in Eighty Days is Phileas Fogg. Fogg's most important
character quality is his determination to succeed. After Fogg read the article in the
paper about how it is possible to voyage the world in eighty days Fogg knew he could prove
it. So after he made the bet that he could do it he was so determined the whole way that
he could make the voyage. Along the way, he tried not to let anything get in the way even
though the trip was delayed by slow railway systems, rescuing an Indian maharani from a
burning funeral pyre and being constantly followed and spied on by a detective named Mr.
Fix. One important decision Fogg makes is when he got to a train station they told him
that he couldn't go on the train for another month. He was terrified but he did not panic.
He saw an elephant in town and paid an Indian a considerable amount of money to travel to
the next train station. Passepartout said of the price 'Good Heaven, two thousand for an
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