Articles of Confederation Except

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Articles of Confederation

Soon after the Revolutionary War in America, a new government was started when the
Articles of Confederation (Articles) were adopted by the Continental Congress. The
Articles set up a democratic government that gave the States the power to make their own
laws and to enforce them. However, the Articles were ineffective and failed to provide a
strong government. During this Critical Period in the history of the United States,
regionalism and anarchy were growing because of the following reasons. 1) The Continental
Congress controlled public affairs but there was nothing in the Articles that gave
Congress the power to enforce laws or unify the States. 2) There was no solid monetary
system to ensure that taxes would be paid or to protect commerce, both nationally and
foreign trade. 3) The country lacked unity and strength because there was no leadership.

The Articles were ineffective because Congress only had the power to recommend actions to
the States. It could not enforce its recommendations or laws. Each State had its own
constitution, monetary system, and means to enforce the law. Each State had a stronger
commitment to the State laws and to the State's own self interests than to the
recommendations of Congress. Regionalism pitted one State against another, which decreased
the sense of unity in the country. For example, when Congress recommended an impost, or
duty, on imported goods, the State of Rhode Island voted to reject the idea because they
felt it was unfair and was against the constitution of the State (Document A).
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