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artist statment

Artist's Statement

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. Lewis Hine

Any photograph I take I want one to dissect their own imagination, searching within
themselves the story the picture tells, to draw out ones imagination. To taste the
substance of what the photograph is, what they hear and feel from the image. To not just
look at the picture, but to actually see it, and understand it under their own terms. I
want someone to look at my art and wonder, what's just up those stairs, just beyond the
ajar door, or what magic is at hand.

A picture is more than just a piece of time captured within a light-sensitive emulsion, it
is an experience one has whose story is told through an enchanting image. I photograph the
world in the ways I see it. Every curious angle, vibrant color, and abnormal subject makes
me think, and want to spark someone else's thought process. The photographs in this work
were not chosen by me, but by the reactions each image received when looked at. If a photo
was merely glanced at or given a casual compliment, then I didn't feel it was strong
enough a work, but if one was to stop somebody, and be studied in curiosity, or question,
then the picture was right to be chosen.
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