Assessment of the Native American Experience from Essay

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Assessment of the Native American Experience from 19251975

Throughout the 1925-1975 period, the Native American population of the United States has
faced many obstacles. Just a few years before, they had been suppressed by the federal
government’s “Anti-Long Hair” policy for all Native American males. This would set the
stage for future cultural restraint on the Indians. However, they continued to fight for
equality. All through this time period, the experience of the Native American culture has
been a struggle for equality in their homeland.

A major struggle for the Native population was that of land. This is a primary issue for
several reasons. First of all, the Europeans invaded their land in the 16th century and
though not officially, the Indians were essentially “kicked out” of all settled areas.
Secondly, they were forced to settle in government provided lands west of the Mississippi
River through the Indian Removal Act in 1830. This led to the well-known “Trail of
Tears”. As more threats to their land arose, it was essential to the Native Americans to
retain what little land they had left. The Indian Reorganization Act allowed for tribal
ownership of lands after its passage in 1934, thus reversing the allotment policy which
put forth the idea of dividing Indian lands into individual holdings to promote
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