Asteroid Meteor or Comet Impact on the Earth Essays and Papers

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Asteroid Meteor or Comet Impact on the Earth

Richie Nover Per. 2
Science Regents Paper
Project One Asteroid, Meteor, or Comet Impact on the Earth!

An asteroid is a small or minor planets that are members of the solar system and move in
elliptical orbits. Usually found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. A comet is
relatively small, rocky, and icy. It revolves around the sun. When a comet passes close to
the sun some of the ice turns to gas. This gas and some loose dust creates a long, bright
tail that trails behind the comet. A meteor is a small solid object entering a planets
atmosphere from outer space. Meteors sometimes come as fireballs, and shooting or falling

If anyone of these hit the earth, even something relatively small in size, it would do
great damage. If a relatively small 200-meter asteroid hit an ocean it would create
devastation to all cities near the coast. This is because it would create an enormous wave
that would be like a tremendous wall of water that would cause all of the large cities on
the coast to be under water. If a one-kilometer asteroid hit the land it would create a
dust cloud that would block the sun and all food production would be destroyed. This dust
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