At Peace Essay

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At Peace

At Peace

Everything feels like a dream. I donít know where I am. I can hear sobbing, and soft music
as I lie there. I must be asleep in my bed, waiting for my momís soft voice to come tell
me that breakfast is ready. I smell flowers. Mom must have cut some fresh roses from the
garden today. She always tried to put some in my room, so my room would smell nice when I
woke up. I attempt to wake up, but opening open my eyes is like trying to lift a two-ton
rock. They wonít budge. I must be tired from the game. The football game was so intense.
It was the first home game of the season, and the crowd was so enthusiastic. I screamed
and cheered so loud that I lost my voice. The party afterwards took all the energy that I
hadnít used at the game. But, for now, I will give up and continue to lie in this
dream-like state. My body obviously needs to rest.

My thoughts are directed back to the crying and to the faint music. I hear a sound, like a
preacherís voice. His tone is morbid. He is speaking in such a mono-toned voice that I can
hardly make out what he is saying. It sounds as if he is praying. Mom must have the
Christian channel on again. She always watches it on the Sundays we canít make it to
church. He sounds so sad, but his tone seems to brighten as he begins to speak about
Heaven. He talks about the glorious golden gates, the perfect beings; and the peace that
no human can understand, peace that I feel I am beginning to experience.

Now the preacher is silent. I guess the show is over. As I wait to see what show Mom will
watch next, I hear someone else begin to speak. The voice is that of a young femaleís.
She sounds a little less prepared than did the preacher. Her voice sounds so familiar, so
soothing. She begins to talk about a beautiful friendship, one like no other. She sounds
as if she is happy until I hear the crack in her small, child-like voice. Then she stops
speaking; I hear nothing but sobbing and weeping. She takes some time to recover and
bravely continues. Then one after the other, people --familiar people-- take turns sharing
their thoughts.

It is hard to make out what they are saying. There is a pillow packed tightly around my
head. I feel like I am lying in a cloud. There are fluffy cushions all around me. I try
desperately to hear what they are saying. I can sense the sadness in their voices. Why
are they all sad? I want so badly to talk to them, to comfort them. I try to speak, but
nothing will come out. I began to panic. Why canít I open my eyes? Why canít I speak? Why
doesnít anyone in the room see me trying so hard to communicate? Am I invisible? I began
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