Augustus And Alexander The Great

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Augustus And Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great and Augustus, two names that countless people have spoken. Many people
have no doubt heard these names; others perhaps have not. Alexander the Great and Augustus
were two men who were famous for their accomplishments in ancient times. So, they are
similar right? Wrong.

The earlier of these two men was Alexander the Great, records indicate that he was born in
the summer of 356 B.C. Alexander was the son of Philip II, King of Macedonia, and
Olympias. Stories say that on the same day that Alexander was born, the Temple of Diana at
Ephesus, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, burned down. This
occurrence was supposedly an omen, the force that would destroy Asia had entered the

Alexander was a smart man and there was one main person to thank for that, his father.
Philip II, knowing that someday his son would be a powerful figure arranged for none other
than Aristotle to be Alexander's tutor. Alexander grew to love his tutor almost as much as
his father. Alexander's favorite book was the Iliad by Homer, it was a story about some of
the things he hoped to do when he got older, such as fight in wars. As a youth Alexander
also enjoyed hunting and martial arts. Alexander feared that by the time he became king
there would be nothing left for him to conquer.

Alexander's first battle came when he was only sixteen. Philip, his father had gone away
on a campaign and left Macedonia under the control of Alexander while he was gone. During
this time a people rebelled and Alexander was forced to lead an army against their largest
city. Alexander won and renamed the city "Alexandropolis"

The road to Alexander becoming king was an odd one, but this is how it goes. Philip and
Olympias, Alexander's parents, did not get along well and eventually separated. Philip
remarried, but Olympias did not. Olympias, being a jealous, violent and unforgiving
person, held a grudge so she instigated a man who already disliked Philip to assassinate
him. Ergo Alexander became king of Macedonia at the age of twenty due to the untimely
assassination of his father.

All of Alexander's accomplishments are too numerous to list, but it would do him justice
to simply say that he was a hero of his time and his name is still known throughout much
of the world.

Unfortunately Alexander the Great died on June 10th, 323 B.C. without many close friends.
Apparently the intoxication of power caused him to treat everyone as they were inferior to

Augustus was supposedly born on September 23rd, 63 B.C. To his parents, Octavius and Atia,
he was known as C. Octavius. Most of his early life is unclear due to a very uneventful
nineteen years. There is one thing that is documented about him though, he was adopted by
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