Auto Racing Essay

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Auto Racing

Auto Racing

It?s another Sunday and the auto racing community is getting ready for the green flag to
drop. Thousands of people travel hundreds of miles to go to the track, while millions stay
home to watch the event on television. The sport of auto racing is the fastest growing
spectator sport today. Nascar, NHRA (drag racing), CART, and The Indy Racing League are
some of the biggest auto racing events in the world. Every racing style has the element of
excitement, sadness, greed, and violence. Are these the elements that make us fans or are
there more?

Every race fan loves the excitement of racing. Two, sometime three cars racing side by
side going close to two hundred miles per hour racing for the number one slot, who
wouldn?t? The excitements of watching your favorite driver lead the race, hoping your
driver can maintain the lead after twenty some cars come in to the pit for four tires and
a tank of gas. Watch a pit crew change four tires and fuel up a car under twenty seconds.
The excitement of auto racing is immeasurable. The entertainment of the sport is like no

Auto Racing does have a violent side to it. Not all races are accident free and drivers do
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