Automobile pollution Essay

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automobile pollution

Automobile Pollution.
Automobiles can cause many different kinds of pollution in the environment. Air, health
and groundwater pollution are of the most common. The reasons for these problems can be
contributed to exhaust systems and light switches that are standard equipment on most cars

Older and newer cars alike are equipped with a catalytic converter system. Which are
supposed to convert hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into harmless
materials emitted from the automobiles engine. According to Robert Harley, when nitrogen
oxide from the engines exhaust is "over- reduced," a complex chemical reaction ensues.
Ammonia gas (NH3) forms in the catalytic converter, which is then emitted from the
vehicles tailpipe and released into the air. These ammonia gasses are the cause of haze
and may also cause serious health problems. The catalytic converter not only hurts but
also helps the environment. Automobiles that have this system on them produce close to 50%
less hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other gasses. (Converters 1) Which in the long run
helps the ozone from depleting even more than it has already.

Another problem we face is having vehicles with mercury light switches in the trunk and
hood. Mercury is a fluid metallic element that is toxic and can cause various health
problems, air and groundwater pollution also. Ford is one of the automobile companies that
still use mercury in light switches and certain antilock brake components. The mercury
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