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Babe Ruth

When you think of "home runs" first thing that comes to my mind is Babe Ruth. That's what
Babe Ruth is usually for hitting home runs. But Babe Ruth also has many other
accomplishments that he did in his life. There are many things that happened off the field
that many people might not know about. Babe Ruth brought spot light to the sport of
baseball when it was a unknown sport.

Babe Ruth's Real name was real name was George Herman Ruth, Jr. His family was very
dysfunctional and he ended up going to an all boys school ( Schwartz 1 ). There his
amazing baseball skills where recognized. His mentor told him to focus his energies on
something productive. So he joined the baseball team and from there he went on and played
into Saint Mary's school for boys( Schwartz 3).

He was sign at the age of 19 to the Baltimore Orioles he recognized his young talent and
signed him (Schwartz 2). That is where he got the named babe, his other team members would
always call him " jacks newest babe". That's where he got Babe Ruth. After being with that
team for about 5 months the sox's bought his contract. He would be playing on that team
for about the next 6 years. Babe was a all-round good pitcher and a especially good
batter. That's what he is best known for hitting so many homeruns and for sometimes
winning the game for the team.

After being with the sox's for about six year his contract was bought by the Yankees. They
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