Baby Sitting Essay

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Baby Sitting

Four-year-olds can be a nightmare or a gold mine if you know what to do. Most of us have
had encounters with a few of them whether they be our brother's and sisters or our
neighbors' children. Next time you have an encounter with one you might want to consider
the following tips. Toddlers have LOTS of energy, they might run you around the table for
hours before they tire. I can honestly say that every child has some sort of favorite
character from Batman to Barbie to tellietubbies they will always have one. It might help
to find in advance what their favorite TV Show is and there favorite characters so you can
plan to watch a video or play with some figures of there favorite character. To help the
kids to get into their nightclothes you might want to bribe them into it. Like for example
you might say "I'll let you have a pop-sickle or some popcorn if you can get ready for
bed." But one thing you must ALWAYS remember is to never ever ever under any circumstance
give them sugar before bedtime. Now that you understand how to get them calmed down you
should relax by letting them watch a Disney movie or a TV show. Kids under five should be
in bed by no later than eight thirty no matter what the kids say. I think parents and any
experienced baby-sitter will agree this is the most difficult task of the night. Almost
all kids will fight to the death to avoid going to sleep. Some methods can vary from child
to child depending on the attitude of the kids. First things first to avoid some conflict
you should tell them at least an hour in advance when they will be going to bed, this gets
rid of the argument "you never told me I had to go to bed at eight o clock." Next as
bedtime arrives you should make sure they are ready for bed, teeth brushed, is your bed
ready do you have your nightclothes on? Now for the most dreaded thing "Okay Marco and Amy
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