Battle of the Divas Essay

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Battle of the Divas

"Kiss my Brass! I'm not retiring and you can't make me." Bette Midler is in the prime of
her life, selling out her concerts entertaining millions with her amazing voice and witty
sense of humor. For over thirty years, Bette has been in an everlasting competition with
the other world wide known sarcastically blunt entertainer, Cher. These two divas have
made their way to the top by producing numerous CD's containing hit songs that will
forever be remembered, and starred in hit movies earning the title as an actor/singer,
which few have been able to do. Though they are in the same line of business and have
accomplished similar things, they carry their weight in two opposite manners. Bette is a
better entertainer for her amount of success, and way of performing in a decent manner.

With four Grammys, three Emmys, two Oscar nominations and a special Tony to her credit (as
of 1999), the self-styled "Queen of Trash" Bette Midler is one of the more honored
multi-talented performers in American showbiz. Bette constructed the larger-than-life role
of 'The Divine Miss M' (also the title of her 1972 debut album for Atlantic Records) and
built her career as a red-haired performer with the wide, lovely smile. Bette's early
1970s act "nailed the nostalgia thing" with Andrews Sisters takeoffs 1973's "Boogie Woogie
Bugle Boy" and 1960s girl-group numbers, as well as including blues and show tunes in its
broad musical spectrum. Midler formed her own production company, and made her first foray
into producing with the successful "Beaches" (1990), an updated woman's picture which
yielded her first Number 1 hit, "The Wind Beneath My Wings". Can anyone remember when Cher
wasn't around? She has gone from pop singer, TV and movie star, to a nobody: an
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