Before and After WWII Essays and Papers

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Before and After WWII

One of the main objectives for the people in the League of Nations was to figure out how
to make a disarmament clause work. It was thought that if they called for disarmament for
the countries it would be much easier to sustain peace between each other. However this
was going to be a more difficult task then they expected. All the nations were paranoid
if they gave up their arms other nations would disobey the treaty. Starting in 1923 they
tried to figure out ways to make the proposal work and they only ended in failure. In
1932 a Disarmament Conference was held. Germany was angry that no other countries had
disarmed and said that if no one else did she was going to rearm. At this point German
withdrew from the conference, the League, and the World Court. Neither the League nor the
Disarmament Conference got anywhere. Germany eventually rearmed. Another clause of the
Treaty of Versailles was the reduction of navies.

Representatives of nine powers met in Washington in 1921. They were discussing ways to
share the sea and setting naval boundaries for each other. Some of the issues they agreed
on were size of naval fleets, island possessions, independence of China, and submarines.
Great Britain, France, Japan, and the United States promised to respect each otherís
islands. A treaty that stated the independence of China was signed and submarines were
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