Beginning with the media of watercolor her senior Essay

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Beginning with the media of watercolor her senior year, Sara Dosenberry, realized her love
for the world of art, creativity, and beauty. Jan Alfano, the inspiring art teacher
favored watercolor, which is how Sara developed much of her technique. With her love of
the all art she has realized an influence from music coming into play in some of her more
current works. Another more current influence and most prominent in her works has been her
past three vacations in Hawii. Displaying a very organic, realistic feel to her works,
Sara enjoys potraying this through natural tropical scenes including seascapes,
landscapes, and her favorite subject that appears repeatedly, palm trees. She is self
expressive with her use of warm and bright colors, loose brush stroke, and realistic
portrayals she is creating wonderful movement and fluidity. This provides a calmming
relaxed and clean composition.

In the future, hoping to find a career restoring paintings, Sara has choosin Kendall
College of Art and Design to fufill her education in this creative field. Included in her
foundation classes is three dimentional design class, which Sara find to be especially
enjoyable and very open to creativity, unlike most other foundation classes which are
mostly teaching technique. She is allowed freedom of expression while she still maintains
her organic, soft and relaxed style.

Beginning the semester with a very unique and original assignment, Sara responded using
those same elements, using her very theme of palm trees. The project was a first and
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