Behind The Mask

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behind the mask

Behind the Mask
The life of Queen Elizabeth I

By: Jane Resh Thomas

Page 196

By: Unknown
Period 5
December 11, 2000

By: Jane Resh Thomas


Elizabeth Age


The first queen of England is Elizabeth I. She became such a great queen that she gave her name to her time, the Elizabeth Age. However, she was the only surviving child of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was born in the year 1533, and died in 1603. Ever since she was little, she found that she couldn’t find a person that she could love. Like Virgin Queen, she also refused to get married, because she knows that if she married, she would lose power to her husband.
Queen Elizabeth I is a great queen. She has personal respect from both, her enemies, and her friends. When she was young, she enjoyed fights between bears and dogs. She also enjoys watching Shakespeare’s plays. However, Elizabeth wasn’t declared Queen of England until November 17, 1558, when her sister, Mary died. Ever since Mary was little, she was jealous of Elizabeth, and always wanted to do bad things to her. She is a selfish sister, and also very greedy. However, this book also said that Elizabeth is a very selfish person when it comes to protecting her country. Ever since she became the queen of England, her country was safer than before. Most men wanted her dead, but there are also some people that disagree about it. She became the best ruler of England. Wherever she go, a

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