Beliefs About Blood Essay

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Beliefs About Blood

Beliefs about blood:
Blood Transfusion:
They refuse to accept blood transfusions and do not allow them to be given to their
children. This is based upon four passages in the Bible which prohibit the consuming of

Genesis 9:4 "But flesh (meat) shall not eat"
Leviticus 17:12-14 "...No soul of you shall eat blood...whosoever eateth it shall be cut off"
Acts 15:29 "That ye abstain...from blood..."
Acts 21:25 "...Gentiles...keep themselves from things offered to idols and from blood..."
The WTS interprets "eating" of blood in its most general form to include accepting
"transfusion of whole blood, packed RBCs, and plasma, as well as WBC and platelet
administration." . Essentially all other Christian and Jewish faith groups belief that the
passages refer to dietary laws; i.e. to the actual eating of meat containing blood.

Because Witnesses believe that any blood that leaves the body must be destroyed, they do
not approve of an individual storing his own blood for a later autotransfusion. 24

Child Protective Services often intrude on parents' rights and take into care sick WTS
children whose health or life is threatened by the lack of a blood transfusion. An adult
Jehovah's Witness who willingly accepts a blood transfusion is considered to be committing
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