Ben Carson

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ben carson

Ben Carson 1990

Carson, Ben. Ben Carson. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1990.

Ben Carson was a hero because he overcame great problems. He was poor, he had no dad at home, his mother worked two jobs, and Ben did not do well in elementary school. It seemed like Ben would be poor his whole life. Benís mother made him believe that he would be great. Ben and his brother worked very hard at school. Ben became a great doctor. Ben helped many people get well. Ben helped many people believe that they could do great things.

Ben is special because he was raised in a very poor place in Detroit where many people never learn anything. Ben is special because he had to work very hard. Ben was different than many people he grew up with because he believed what his Mom told him. Ben is famous because he is a great doctor.

Ben was the worst student in his fifth grade class. Most of the other children made fun of him. They laughed at his grades. Ben thought he was dumb and could never learn. His Mom told him he would be great. His Mom told

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