Beowulf: Grendel?s Past Essay

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Beowulf: Grendel?s Past

Grendel was the embodiment of all that was evil and dark. Before Grendel was a monster,
his name was Lednerg He was described as a monster, demon, and a fiend. Terrible events
occurred to Grendel to transform him into a horrible monster.

Lednerg had a very weird childhood. He did not have any siblings. Throughout his
childhood, Lednerg endured many insults directed to him and his family. His parents were
also second cousins. He was always the last to finish his homework. During his early
years, sports were not very kind to Lednerg. His only friend was Adolf. Adolf was
extremely smart, and he was blessed with great sporting abilities. Whenever Lednerg was in
a pensive mood, Adolf always brought joy to him. Lednerg's education ended when his mom
got in a verbal assault with the school president. With lack of sufficient education,
Lednerg made many stupid decisions in his life.

Since Lednerg did not attend school anymore, his parents forced him to get a job. Lednerg
worked for Natas, who owned a football team, as a water boy. All the football players made
fun of everything that Lednerg did at work. In the beginning, Lednerg did not get
discouraged; in fact, Lednerg worked extra hard to make sure the water was at perfect
temperature for drinking. Unfortunately, one of the players made fun of Lednerg's mom.
Something in Lednerg's mind went off, and he tackled the player with all his strength.
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