Best of the Worst Essay

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Best of the Worst

From the year 1837 to 1857, there was a string of less than average presidents. Minus
James K. Polk, the best president of the group was the eighth president, Martin Van Buren.
The reason Van Buren was a bad president was because he marched to the beat of his own
drum too often. He never listened to his cabinet. An example of this is his refusing to
move on acquiring either Texas or Canada even after Texas wanted to join the Union.

The largest problem of the Van Buren Administration was the Panic of 1837. I don't believe
this was his fault. The Panic started just two months after Van Buren's inauguration. The
president tried to call a special session five days after the panic started, but the U.S.
House refused to pass the bill. This showed Van Buren was handcuffed when trying to solve
the problem. Then he tried more solutions but all of them failed. The cause of the Panic
of 1837 was Andrew Jackson. With Jackson killing the bank, he also weakened the economy
and thus leading to the Panic. And just like Herbert Hoover had the Great Depression
dumped on him, Van Buren had the Panic of 1837. And, again, just like Hoover, Van Buren
didn't do enough to solve the economic problems. The reason Van Buren was handcuffed by
the House was that it was still controlled by the Whig party from the Jackson
Administration. In conclusion, I think that if Van Buren hadn't been limited in what he
could do by the post-Jackson Whig party, he probably would have been a much better
president although he would never be a great president.

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