Biscarlvet Essay

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Mike Moreno

Daughter: Mommy i know you have told me that no noses is common in our family but im old
enough know to figure thats a bunch of b.s. So stop feeding me all this sheet and tellme
the truth.

Mrs.NoNose: Well honey its a long story actually. your father wasnt the only guy that i
was married to. There was somebody before your father. He was biscarlervetieoes the
horrible werewolf. He used to treat me Like i was his biotch and thats all. i was to
afraid to break it off for fear of a de-nosing. When i learned that he was a werewolf
though i flipped of course. What would you do. I was even more scared. So i hired your
wonderful father to help me exterminate him. Now your father has always wanted me and he
gave me everythign i desired so i decided i would repay him for his deed to kill the
werewolf, so i slept with him. i just felt so bad casue he was doing this all for free and
i didnt have any money so i was generous enough to sleep with him. it was the most sencere
thing iu could have done. Anyway the little bastard ran off deep in the woods cause he was
a coward. Until one day the king foufd him and took him in as his pet. I still think we
should have voted for that george bush fellow but everybpdy wanted this retard. anyway he
took him in and they became friends casue he had no other freinds cause everybody hated
him. He had a big feast one day and when me and your fatehr got there. biscarvalertetie
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