Black And White - A Look At The Existance Of Racia Essay

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Black And White - A Look At The Existance Of Racial Differen

American tradition and culture is based around the concept of free speech. One can say
what he likes, make any point he chooses, and express any opinion he desires in America.
Anyone, from the homeless person, to the workingman, to the President of the United States
himself is entitled to have an opinion, and to discuss it without impediment. It's
considered a god-given right to speak what's on your mind. One thing that is never spoken
of freely, however, is the subject of racial differences, what genetically separates us in
terms of physical and mental abilities and instinct. It is almost a social "taboo" to go
near anything that could possibly be construed as saying that somehow, we're not all the
same, and somehow, race makes us different. Oh, no - talk about something like that and
somebody might call you a "racist". And nobody likes to be called a "racist".

But really, let's look at what makes us, as human beings, different from one another in
terms of races of people.The differences between Negroes and Nordic Aryans particularly,
because they are the most obvious and therefore the most well known.

Well first, you would have to accept that there is a difference in skin color between a
Black man and a White man, and this difference is caused by different melanin levels. What
causes this difference? Why, it's evolution, that gradual process of genetic change due to
the environment a particular species habitates. Negroes lived in very hot, sun-drenched
parts of Africa, and they needed protection from the sun. So they evolved darker skin so
they wouldn't get sunburned as easily.

Now we all know that Africa is some of the most fertile, lush land in the world. Africa
abounds with game and almost any type of fruit and berries imaginable. The actual deserts
in Africa are quite small, and those images of starving African Negroes you see on your TV
is only a very tiny portion of Africa's vast abundance. Any geography professor will tell
you this, and they will tell you it has been like this for millennia.

But look at the stark contrast in Northern Europe. The scarceness of food, the cold, the
extreme Alpine landscapes of Sweden, Finland, and Germany. The birthplace of the Nordic
Aryan, and a completely different type of place than Africa. Here you had to be on your
toes, you had to think fast in order to survive. And you had to be able to think far in
advance if you were going to make it through the long, cold winters with food. You had to
be creative, and learn how to make fires, build shelters, fsew clothing, and do any number
of other things if you were going to raise a family in this kind of climate.

Unlike in Africa, where all you had to do is wander down to your local village, build a
mud-hut of the kind a child makes in their sandbox only bigger, push a bone through your
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