Book Report on Black Like Me

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Black Like Me

Section Three: Black Like Me.
Matthew Wallace
Period 3
Part 1,
(pg.159) If some spark does set the keg afire, it will be a senseless tragedy of ignorant
against ignorant, injustice answering injustice-a holocaust that will drag the innocent
and right-thinking masses of human beings.

(pg.160) If we could not accept our somewhat different practice of racist suppression of
black Americans, how could we ever hope to correct it?

(Pg, 174) As a person who lived almost constantly in both communities, I could foresee
nothing but trouble. Frequently in cities where "racial difficulties" surfaced.

Part 2,
1. I feel that Griffin and I have connected with the same feeling that blacks are born the
same as whites and because that blacks were suppressed by whites they went in to a mental
state that made them think that they were not as good as the white and they would never
be. I feel that my experience with segregations differs from Griffin because I have never
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