Bless Me, Ultima Compare and Constrast Essay

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Bless Me, Ultima

The loss of innocence in life is an inevitable process. Losing one's innocence comes
merely by growing up. The philosophy of the loss of one's innocence is a definite theme in
the book Bless Me, Ultima. This theme is displayed throughout the entire story and plot of
the novel. There is loss of innocence all around the main character, Tony, with his
brothers and the people he meets. Tony also loses a great deal of his own innocence to the
harsh realities of the world which marks his transition from a boy to a man.

The theme of the loss of innocence covers the entire essence of the book. There are many
cases in the story where people had lost their innocence of life and it was lost to them
forever. Tony's brothers are of such a case. They had gone to war to fight for their
country and explore the world. But as they yearned and sought the outside and how it was,
they lost their innocence in the process. Being in war they saw death and destruction
which soiled their once virgin eyes. Although they gained knowledge and experience they
were becoming no longer young and gay, but were becoming mature and knowledgeable. Growing
at such a fast pace was a regretful process, that even Andrew advised Tony to not grow too
fast but that would not happen as we know.

Another example of loss of innocence in the book would be Tony's friends. The gang seems
to be fairly innocent enough but they go through the lesser part of losing their innocence
in this story. They have minor things such as hearing about the mischief around town and
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