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History of the early years of Ford Mustangs

In the early nineteen hundreds a farm boy baffled the world by inventing a machine that
would get rid of the horse and carriage forever. He invented a machine that would carry
people over long distances without needing to be fed, watered or rested. He also later
invented a way to produce products in a new and easier way. He started out as a young farm
boy that took everything apart that he could get his hands on. Then he started fixing
peoples watches then as he grew older he started making other things like a quadricycle
and a gas engine in the late 1890's. His inventions changed the way that people would
travel the ways that wars would be fought and captivated a nation. In my essay I'm going
to focus on Ford Motor Company's Ford Mustangs.

Ford Motor Company was started on June 16, 1903 by Henry Ford and some other investors.
When Ford Motors first started it was only one of fifteen car manufacturers in Detroit and
one of eighty-eight in the United States. During Fords first months in existence Ford
Motor Company began to make a profit selling the Model A and Henry Ford knew that the
automobile industry was going to work. Since it's beginning in 1903 Ford Motors has always
strived to make cars affordable and easy to buy for everybody. Ford has a long history of
having good cars at a great price and offers more classes of models so that everybody can
have the car of their dreams.

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