Botticelli Essay

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McGaharan 1
Jon McGaharan
AP Art History
Mrs. Johnston
1 December 1999
Botticelli, Sandro. Primavera. Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence. Mark Hardenís
Artchive. By Mark Harden. Available
Botticelliís masterpiece, Primavera, depicts a scene of slow moving grace in what
appears to be a mythical garden. The actual subject of this masterpiece is unknown, but
there are volumes of ideas concerning the purposes and meanings the painting could have.
Despite the confusion the painting is widely admired and revered as Botticelliís finest
works. The scene appears to be a spring morning, with a pale light penetrating the straight
vertical trees in the background. The trees appear to bear golden apples, a possible
reference to the myth of Venus and the golden apple which seems feasible considering
Venus appears in the center of the painting underneath the great canopy provided by the
trees. Golden apples are also the attribute of the Three Graces, the handmaidens of Venus,
also shown in this work. Chloris, the ancient Greek goddess of flowers, is fleeing from
Zephyr, the west wind of springtime whom begets flowers, on the right side of the
painting. When Zephyr catches her in his embrace flowers spill from her lips and she
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