Boys In The Hood The Begining Essay

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Boys In The Hood The Begining

Hood: slang for neighborhood or black area/life. Before 1991 this concept of hood life was
never before portrayed or looked into until John Singleton produced the black social drama
Boyz N the Hood. This is the first film by a black director that actually goes deep inside
the ghetto or inner city. Singleton carefully directs this film so that it appears to
mirror the real world 'having value as a kind of anthropological study of an unfamiliar
way of life'; (Thompson 2).

Set in lower-middle-class, predominately black, south central Los Angeles, a neighborhood
where constant gunshots regularly interrupt study time and the sound of police helicopters
flying above is a familiar tune, Boyz N the Hood is basically the story of three teenage
friends coming

of age in black urban America. It is their story of street life where friendship, pain,
danger, and love combine to form their harsh reality.

Unlike previous films Singleton addresses issues that relate more to the younger
generation of that time. Tre, the main character is obviously the one who is on the right
track toward adulthood. He has a job, plans to go to college and, 'most important (as
writer-director Singleton sees it, at any rate) he lives with his father'; (Tornquist 1).
Brothers Doughboy and Ricky, on the other hand, live with their mother and are not good
role models. Doughboy drives a fancy car but doesn't appear to have a job, and has been in
and out of prison. Ricky does a little better, being a talented football player who hopes
to go to USC on a scholarship, but who is already a father while in High school at the age
of seventeen. Singleton also portrays issues dealing with premarital sex, family, crime,
single parent homes, drugs, and violence.

From this powerful drama several other films have mirrored its plot and themes. Since this
films production other films such as: Menace II Society, New Jack City, Clockers,
Strapped, Set it Off, and Juice have followed.

This film directed by brothers Allan and Albert Hughes was also set in the inner city.
This film showed the struggle of a young man trying to overcome his surroundings and leave
the 'hood';. Menace II Society is an excellent film that 'proved one is not always a
product of his environment'; (Walker 4). The Hughes brothers depicted typical life in this
film showing, sex, violence, murder, drugs, and community.

This is a film following the life of Nino Brown. He has become an 'American success story
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