Bradstreets Views Towards Male Essay

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Bradstreets Views Towards Male

Bradstreet's views toward Male-Dominance
As a female in a highly patriarchal society, Bradstreet expresses her feelings using a
clever technique called reverse psychology to prove her point, her disapproval of her
community's belief of unequal treatment and prejudice against women. Bradstreet believes
that women are treated unfairly in her society, regarding gender as insignificant. She
faces many conflicts and struggles in her "Prologue", expressing her opinion towards
women's rights, implying that gender is unimportant and male-dominance is wrong.

"The Prologue" has a humble tone and hidden surprises. In addition to reverse psychology,
Bradstreet uses apologetic tone, drawing the reader in, forming interest for the reader to
read her poems despite the fact that she is a female. In the beginning, she talks about
"wars", "captains", and "epics", specifically written by brilliant male writers, worrying
that her poems will shame the art of poetry: "My obscure writings shall not so dim their
worth"(stanza 1, line 6). Later, in continuation of her self-demotion and apologetic tone,
she talks about the Great Writer Bartas, admiring his works, and sarcastically admitting
that she will never be as talented as he is: "A Bartas can do what a Bartas will / But
simple I according to my skill"(stanza 2, lines 11-12). The sarcasm in these lines cause
the typical reader of the poem to reconsider that perhaps women are not as bad as
Bradstreet portrays them to be, exactly the thought she has schemed for the reader to
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