Bridge Project Essay

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Bridge Project

Bridge Write Up

The problem that we have is we need to find a bridge that will fill a gap that is 12"
long, and 2.5" wide. Our objective is to build a bridge that can hold up to 2.5kg at the
most. The bridge must have a length at least 3inches, and a width of 2.5inches.

Some constraints that we have are no more than 10% of the bridge may consist of "bulky"
members made from two pieces of balsa wood. We can only use 15 pieces of balsa wood, and
if we use string it has to be attached in a simple way. We could use toothpicks, but they
can not be in a "bundle". The bridge must be self-supporting (so they can not be
permanently attached to the table).

We have come up with three possible solutions that could work for this bridge project. Our
first bridge that we came up with was a bridge that had one large truss that was connected
by two solid vertical beams resting on a flat base.

The second bridge we designed was an arch bridge. On this bridge the arch will be placed
on the bottom of a flat base. The flat base will be on top of the arch. And the arch will
be connected to the base in the middle, and there will also be vertical beams on each end
of the bridge between the arch and the flat base.
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