Britain And America Revolution Essay

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Britain And America Revolution

Since the historical conflict between Great Britain and her North American colonies began
to unfold, historians have searched for the reasoning behind it. Many experts have
discussed the various reasons for the conflict. Some experts believe the conflict occurred
because America and Britain had become vastly different social and political entities.
Others say that economical disagreements caused the conflict. However, these economical
and social forces worked hand-in-hand to slowly erode away the binds that held America to
its Mother Country. The traditional liberties of Britain and the newly established
liberties of America were very different. After the French and Indian War, the colonies
were 'heavily'; taxed to sow together the damaged British pocketbook. These economical
problems and social distinctions needed to be mended simultaneously or the war could not
be avoided.

First, the traditional liberties of Britain were considerably different from the political
and social origins of America. From the beginning, America developed different character
than its Mother Country of Great Britain. In New England, where the seeds of revolution
were sown, merchants used their shipping trade to defy English duties on sugar. As a
result of this, additional troops were sent to the colonies to enforce British laws.
Later, when the Quartering Act was passed, Americans complained against not only the
taxation, but also an infringement on their rights of property. Before the conflict
between Britain and France over the Ohio Valley and Canada, America was given practically
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