Brutus? Conflict Between Honor And Responicibility Essay

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Brutus? Conflict Between Honor And Responicibility

A Paper On Brutus' Conflict Between
Passion and Responsibility

Throughout the play "Julius Caesar," by William Shakespeare, Brutus is torn between
passion and responsibility. There are three very good examples of this, the first being,
obviously, Brutus' mental conflict dealing with the conspiracy surrounding Caesar's
assassination. Less obvious number two, the conflict between himself and Cassius, dealing
with Cassius less than noble hoarding of money. And last of all third, Brutus' argument
with the rest of the conspirators to let Antony live.

The conflicts brought about in "Julius Caesar" are incredibly complex. To understand even
the very basic conflict between Brutus and his thoughts surrounding Caesar's death takes a
small amount of background knowledge. Know that Brutus and Caesar have been friends for a
long time before this play takes place. And Brutus has a great loyalty to his mother
country, Rome. The last piece of information you need to work out this whole mess, is that
Brutus, with good reason, thinks that Caesar will hurt Rome if he becomes its dictator.
And unless someone kills him, Caesar will become dictator. With that information, you must
realize the problem presented before Brutus. Be responsible, towards the people of Rome,
and assassinate Caesar, or be passionate, in accordance to his friendship with the
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