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The “Buddah” statue is a work of art that sends powerful messages of the past and present to its
viewers within one glimpse. The creator definitely had one thing in mind when it was being
made... and that is to grab attention.
The “Buddah” is a statue of exactly what it is called, Buddah. This statue is an oversized
figure that gives off a feeling of powerfulness. It is made out of granite, which is a type of rock
that is a rusty brownish color with white speckles. This rock material suits the statue nicely in the
fact that Buddah sits confidently and in a rock solid state of mind. It also allows the light to
reflect off of the statue and almost makes it glow.
His eyes appear to be closed, which makes him look he could be concentrating on
something and the smile on his facial expression gives off a feeling and theme of calmness. His
nose is large and long. This fills up most of his face, but at the same time, appears to be in
Though this statue is great in size, it does not look as if it were meant to scare people at
all. Buddah’s body is curvy and round. He is sitting with his legs crossed and each part of his
body is touching another part, (ex: arms resting on legs) making the whole figure come together
and flow as one solid object.
Each of Buddah’s individual features put together, especially his size, make him seem like
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