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Buddhism is a strict religion with restrictions that determines how a follower of the
religion must live life. Buddhism is a large part of culture and society in south- eastern
Asian countries. In the western hemisphere, there are simply not enough Buddhists to have
a large impact on western society.

A Buddhists ultimate goal is to reach their state of nirvana. To reach this state, their
life is guided by firm presets. Buddhists believe that their lives they are living now
were shaped in a previous life. Therefore Buddhists have to reach their own Karma. In
order to reach their own karma, a Buddhist must follow the noble eightfold path. These are
right views, right aims, right speech, right conduct, right living, self-control, right-
mindedness and right meditation. This backbone to the religion is one of the reasons many
people can't follow it.

One of the hardest principles for most Americans to follow would be self- control. The
Buddhists meaning of self- control is meditation, yoga, deprive the body of sleep, have no
contact with corrupted minds and control your diet. Considering that nearly 2/3 of all
Americans are overweight, this would be a hard principle to follow.

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