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New Aspects of Leadership

A significant part of effective leadership is the close connection between the leader and
the follower, which often determines the success of the leader’s mission. Unfortunately,
this leader-follower relationship cannot be created according to some simple formula.
Without inspiration, involvement, and encouragement from both participants, the
relationship suffers. Leaders, in particular, must give an extra effort to reach out to
followers in order to initiate and develop this alliance that is so critical to the
achievement of goals. Young leaders of today face special challenges as they try to
communicate and interact with their followers and potential followers. As a result of the
changes that are rapidly occurring in the world, three aspects--globalization, human
diversity, and ethical issues—are becoming an important influence on leadership, both on a
global level and in our own neighborhoods. By exploring global perspectives, human
diversity, and ethics, young leaders can take yet another step forward in their
development and preparation for twenty-first century leadership.

Globalization has many implications for leadership today and in the future. Earlier this
century (and to some extent today), there was a tendency for many people to think locally:
one’s hometown was one’s world. Currently, people are realizing that, although this point
of view may have been common during that era, globalization is rapidly occurring. As
technology and communication improve, barriers between nations disappear, exposing
everyone to new cultures. Global perspectives are being spread to the farthest points in
the world and to the most isolated people. People of different cultures come to the United
States daily to live, travel, or engage in business. Not only that, American individuals
and organizations are going to foreign countries as they used to travel to neighboring
states. Globalization has become and will continue to be a new way of life that all people
must face.

Leaders must respond to this challenge of globalization so they can effectively reach out
to as many people as possible. Opening themselves to the world’s changes allows leaders to
compare and contrast their culture with the arts, language, beliefs, customs,
philosophies, and ways of living of other people. Even minor details of the culture, such
as gestures, can be important. By observing and questioning another culture, leaders can
understand the origin of an individual’s viewpoints and become more sensitive to the
cultural needs of that individual. Therefore, the leaders prove their respect and sincere
desire in learning more about that person, thereby starting a relationship and forming a
foundation for the achievement of their goal. In addition, they can learn how the
countries and cultures of the world work together. By continually exposing themselves to
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