C ++ Language Essay

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C Language

C Programming Language
C is a universal programming language, which considerably eases and comforts the work of
a professional programmer. Roundly, C is an enhancement of C programming language: C
offers flexible and effective tools of determination of new data types, which help
programmer to split up his work into a number of easily controlled parts. Custom data
types can be composed into some objects (called classes), specified by the programmer.
Such objects are simple and reliable to be used in the situations, when data types are
hard to be defined on the stage of compiling. Programming by using such objects is called
Object Oriented Programming, and C is one of the most popular OOP languages.

Origin of C takes source from programming languages of "C with Classes", which have been
developing during early 80th at the AT&T Bell Labs. "C with Classes" has been used for big
projects of modeling and testing of opportunities in programming, which required minimum
of process memory and time. But "C with Classes" was not satisfying with its lack of
virtual functions and links, and that is why the specialists borrowed some features and
tools (like classes) from another programming language, Simula. The name "C " has been
invented by Rick Mascitti in autumn 1983; it indicates an evolutional transformation from
C to C , because " " symbolizes the function of increment in C. Since C must be
classified as an extension of C programming language, it did not receive a name of a
higher level group of languages, "D".

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