Ca Twiste a Popenguine Essay

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Ca Twiste a Popenguine

Ca Twiste a Popenguine
It was hard to find symbolism in this film since their culture was very colonialized. It
seemed as though the culture was so European/American that the culture was gone. Even
though it was hard, I was still able to find some cultural symbolisms.

The different groups of friends were completely different from each other. There was the
group that wanted to be popular and get all the girls with a party, and there was a group
that had all the music records that the other needed. That was the group that was trying
to make money as well. Both parties also wanted girls. The fact that these two groups had
seemingly presented themselves as gangs shows how much they wanted to be apart from each
other. The gangs symbolized the separatism of the youth. The catch to their separateness
is that they really needed one another to get what they wanted. The one group needed music
and the other group needed money. They ended up making a deal with each other, which was
conspired by Bacc. The fact that they were able to come together like that symbolized that
they really should be together.

Both of the groups had one very main thing in common. They both wanted girls. It seemed as
though the girls in this film symbolized power. Girls made them feel better about
themselves. Girls made them powerful.

Another sign of symbolism in this film was the pictures. It seemed as though the pictures
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