Candide Voltaire

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Candide Voltaire

In Voltaire’s “Candide” the issue of humans being confused creatures is seen through the main character, Candide. Like Candide many wander searching for ultimate happiness which they sometimes mistake for wealth, beauty, or power. In some cases, people become so obsessed with such desires that they lose consciousness of morals. Often resulting in them stealing, lying, or even killing to obtain such needs. In Candide’s case it was Cunegonde which he thought could fill the void of happiness; although he later learned that happiness comes from oneself.

Money is the common desire among most people. Simply because it allows one to live an easier life, a life which one is guaranteed shelter, food, and better health. The quote “the good Pangloss had often proved to me that the goods of the earth are common to all men , that each has an equal right to them p34” illustrates Candide’s reaction to having
Cunegonde’s pistoles and diamonds stolen and how money for survival will cause a desperate person to steal. The line “My lady you have seventy - two quarterings and not a penny; it depends on you alone to be the wife of the greatest lord in South America, who has a very handsome mustache; is it for you to pride yourself on an invincible fidelity? p42” depicts how people will consider having money under the worst circumstances.

In addition, money can become like a “god” to anyone who lacks love for
themselves. For example, a person may use money to buy friends, approval, or respect. Moreover, one can become so obsessed about having materialistic wealth which brings them short -lived happiness that they turn into a compulsive shopper. The phrase “I’m going to buy something to make myself feel better” is one echoed especially in the United States where mass consumers are popular. In brief, inner happiness can not be replaced by mundane riches.

Beauty is another shared desire by people. Good looks are often equated with respect and intelligence. Sometimes people that are not attractive are overlooked as having any human worth. The truth is that it is not outer beauty, but inner beauty which correlates with the notion of self happiness. Thus a person that is beautiful can not be content unless they are happy w

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