Capital Punishment misc3 Essay

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Capital Punishment misc3

Capital Punishment

My opinion on capital punishment is very shaky because of the unstable facts and
controversy surrounding this topic. I personally, am caught somewhere in the middle of
deciding on being for or against the death penalty. I am for the death penalty for several
reasons: I think that we need to get the hardened criminals off the streets and out of our
court and jail systems. The death penalty is ultimately the only choice that creates that,
even though the accused will be on death row and appealing his/her conviction. I also feel
that in some situations the crime of murder is so heinous and vulgar that the guilty party
deserves to be put to death. I would like to say that I like the death penalty because it
is cheaper than prison, but I would need to see the numbers to compare. My last reason for
being for the death penalty is a killer should be killed.

I also have a few reasons to be against the death penalty. Does capital punishment really
deter crime? I feel that we should not put a person to death just so that person can be
the posterboy/girl for crime deterrent. And does a killer really think about that before
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