Term Paper on Capital Punishment2

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Capital Punishment2

Capital Punishment

What type of society kills its own people? The American culture’s morals have accepted the
death penalty as a reasonable punishment. However, who gives us the power to determine
when someone’s life should end. People who murder others should be punished and pay the
price of their crime, but not killed. Our society feels so strongly that murder is wrong
and criminals should be killed. In actuality, we are committing the same horrid deed.
Capital punishment is wrong for many reasons.

Several states in our country have adopted the death penalty as a reasonable act. However,
there has been no dramatic decline in violence among these states and others. Proving
capital punishment does not deter crime. People are still killing and committing other
horrible acts of crime.

Another reasons the he death penalty is wrong is that it does not prove to be an effective
punishment. Some criminals may look as dying as a way out. They would rather die than
spend the rest of their lives in prison. Also it does not provide peace, justice, or
happiness for a victim or their family. Robert Willies raped Debbie Morris and was later
killed by lethal injection. Debbie Morris found no peace in Willies death. “Justice didn’t
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