Career As a Webmaster

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Career As a Webmaster


I. Introduction
II. History of Occupation
A. Beginning
B. Future
III. Earnings
IV. Education and Training
A. College
B. Tech School
V. Machines and Tools
A. Hardware
B. Software
VI. Work Duties
VII. Extra Benefits
VIII. Attractive Features
IX. Unattractive Features
X. Conclusion


The Webmaster career is new and getting very exciting for the years to come. There are constant changes in the technology used to create web pages, and the Webmasters job is to stay current with this technology. There is a lot of work for the Webmaster, and the Webmaster can decide to work either for a company or hire himself/herself out as an independent contractor. Many skills are required to be a Webmaster, but most skills are transferable not educational. Web pages have been in existence since people started using the Internet, around 1990. The pages are created by using a code called Hypertext markup language or HTML. HTML is a very simple language to understand, but it is very limited in what it can do. The job for the Webmaster will be secure for the future as more and more people sign up for the Internet and the demand for both personal and commercial pages increase.
"The World Wide Web (WWW) has developed in the late 1980\'s by researchers at the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva,
Switzerland (Career As 5)." "Between 1994 and 1998 the number of people connected to the Web in the United States alone leapt from barely two million to more than 30 million, and demand shows no signs of slowing down (Career As 5)." "A Web site usually consists of a "homepage", a document that serves as a kind of table of contents and index, which in turn is linked to many pages of text and graphics. The contents of these pages depends of course on the purpose of the Web site: A business can offer a catalog of goods or services, a school will describe its courses and faculty members; an individual may describe his or her job skills, interests, or hobbies (Henderson 85)."
"The future of the Web is undeniably bright, but it is also murky, paradoxical, as that may seem. The possibilities are limitless, but the practical problems are substantial. More than anything else, what the Web business needs right now is dedicated, creative Webmasters willing and able to find the solutions that the Web needs in order to pursue its bright future. It won\'t be easy, and the competition will be tough. But opportunities for enthusiastic entrepreneurs will never be better (Career As 7)." As the Web grows and the technology for computers grows with it, a Webmaster\'s job will be needed from now until forever. As more and more companies grow the World Wide Web will be needed for their services. The world will come to the need of the web sooner or later.
"Earnings opportunities for Webmasters vary widely, depending upon a variety of circumstances. Like most other aspects of the career, salary schedules for Webmasters haven\'t been well established. There\'s really no such thing as a poorly paid Webmaster (Career As 19)." "Organizations that use the Web as an essential part of their business (such as online stores) requires the most experienced, reliable Webmasters, and are likely to pay them to highest salaries (Henderson 86)." "Salaried Webmasters working for business earn salaries ranging from $30,000 per year to $125,000 per year. The range is so wide because of differences in content, technical needs, business acumen and site activity. Another determining factor is how important the business deems it\'s Web site to be (Career As 19)"
"Webmasters can work at a contract position where they can earn an average of $15 to $25 per hour. A good Webmaster can make a lot more the income suggested if many over time hours are put in or by owning there own company and contacting themselves out to many other clients. Overall, Webmaster working in the United States is about $75,000 per year, or much more then the average salaries offered by most other careers. This is especially enlightening when you consider that nobody in the Web business really has very much seniority (Career As 19)."
"I attended the University of Miami, then I took classes for programming and classes for business (Fineburg 1)." "There is no specific body of knowledge required to

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