Carolin Essay

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Creation Story
A long, long time ago when the earth was very young, all that existed on the earth was
plants and animals. The animals ruled the earth. Among the animals were many different
kinds. However, the animals never interacted outside of their species. The gotemaliks
socialized with other gotemaliks and the chalize socialized with each other. The
gotemaliks and the chalize were very special species. They didn't just only socialize
with each other because they desired to, but because of the uncontrollable waterfall that
separated them. Each of the species knew that something existed on the other side of the
waterfall as they could see shadows but they didn't know what. For many years the
gotemaliks and the chalize never knew fully of each other's existence. There had been
many attempts to cross the waterfall but every attempt ended in a death. Until one day,
when the leader of the chalize was looking into the falls and tried to touch the shadow,
which caused him to unexpectedly, fall in. When he fell in he hit his head on a rock and
floated away from the falls. A gotemalik on the other side saw something fall through the
falls and decided to go in after it, as it could be one of his own. The same thing
happened to it. He fell in and hit his head on a rock and slowly followed the chalize
trail down the river. The next morning the chalize woke up and was frightened at the
sight of another being that was sitting beside him on a beach in an unfamiliar area. They
ran away from each other out of fear. But each of them returned to each other after
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