Castles Of Finland Essay

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Castles Of Finland

In Finland there happens to be 7 main castles:

Turku Castle: It was built in 1280 i.e. It was destroyed by bombing in 1941, but restored
during the next 20 years. Now it is a museum and venue for exhibitions.

Hame Castle: It's believed to have been built at approximately the same time as the Turku
castle. The castle served as a prison at 1837-1972. The castle is now presented as a
historical monument.

Viipuri Castle: It isn't known when the Viipuri castle was built. It is now part of
Russia. Viipuri castle wasn't very important to the Russians, therefore abandoned by them.

Raseborg Castle: It was built in 1374 i.e. It was the seat of a bailiff who was the
administrator for the western half of the south coast of Finland. It is now used for

Kastelholm Castle: It was built in 1384 i.e. Aland was separated from the castle county of
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